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Project Description

CL22 Productions

In 2008, experienced event professional Cynthia Lopell launched CL22 Productions as a leading corporate event and design firm. Their mission is to produce unforgettable events by striving for artistic excellence, providing unique and outstanding experiences for their clients, and creating flawless designs that exceed expectations. CL22 Productions holds itself to a high standards as a boutique design and productions company who offers the cutting edge in creative innovations, giving clients the event of a lifetime.

We submit CL22 Productions for notable industry awards and recognition. In early 2016 CL22 Productions was awarded “Best Event Company” in the Event Solutions Spotlight Awards and is currently a finalist for The Special Event Gala Awards in the category of “Best Decor: $50,000-$99,999”.

  • We’ve grown CL22 Productions’ following with the implementation of a formal press release and social promotion.
  • Rayce PR’s press release, “CL22 Productions to Produce The Special Event 2017’s Highly Anticipated Wedding Event” was distributed to 300 media outlets with over 1700 impressions and was published over 200 times across the nation.
  • CL22 Productions’ branded platforms are all regularly updated and curated.

Rayce PR curates CL22 Productions’ social media presence from Industry event  photo galleries and press content. The specific content that is chosen reflects CL22 Productions’ brand in an authentic way to continue to grow their social media following.

  • Promote all online and print press features through CL22 Production’s social platforms.
  • Curate CL22 Production’s beautiful social media feed.

Rayce PR curates content for CL22 Productions weekly. Stories are published on the CL22 Productions website for their notable events, press, and company news. All of the stories are promoted through CL22’s social media networks and LinkedIn for maximum exposure to their industry and client followers.

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