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Reverie Gallery

Reverie Gallery was designed and developed as a resource for engaged couples to assist in choosing the best possible vendors for their personal style, as well as to bring wonderful weddings into the hands of the most skilled and talented vendors.  The blog showcases the best and most beautiful weddings in every style from vintage, to classic, modern, exotic, and whimsical. Reverie Gallery was born through a mix of truest passions: love for family, our affection for beauty in design, a devotion to meticulously planned and visually beautiful events, an affinity for representing businesses they believe in, and personal dreams for a business with heart and soul.

Rayce PR has assisted in the expansion of Reverie Gallery’s media readers throughout the United States and abroad. Each advertiser receives promotion through Reverie Gallery’s social media outlets.

  • We work closely with founder, Erica Powell, to create the best curating practices overall.
  • We reach out to Rayce PR clients for their most beautiful styled shoots and events to be featured on Reverie Gallery.
  • We’ve implemented new social platforms for Reverie Gallery outreach.
  • Rayce PR submits featured stories to wedding search platforms regularly.

Reverie Gallery’s unique stories feature platform has given us a multitude of images and curated content.

  • Rayce PR has increased the Reverie Gallery Instagram account on average 1.2 K followers every month.
  • Reverie Gallery’s social posts are carefully curated to include all vendor tags.
  • Rayce PR manages community engagement.


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