The Special Event: Where Will Your Next Client Come From?

The Special Event: Where Will Your Next Client Come From?

the special event

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Rhonda Couchigian, founder of Rayce PR and Marketing, will be speaking at The Special Event 2013 at Exhibit Hall in Chicago on January 18th from 11:00am – 12:30pm in a session titled: Where Will Your Next Client Come From? This is a question all business owners ask themselves and Rhonda will be there to answer this question and help with a plan of action. No matter where you are in your event planning career, new business is a top priority. Learn the most effective outlets for gaining new business, as well as tools for maintaining profitable relationships with past and present reoccurring clients. This course will discuss vendor relationships, referrals and networking as means for generating new business.

Rhonda will break things down for you and show you where to start with your new business plan by starting with an evaluation of your contacts. You’ll also learn about how to gain, build and nurture your vendor relationships; referrals and referral programs and marketing tools that are proven to work. Click here to register for The Special Event!



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We believe in creative marketing and new business development with
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