The Travel Advisor and Wedding Planner Relationship As It pertains To Destination Wedding

The Travel Advisor and Wedding Planner Relationship As It pertains To Destination Wedding

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Travel Advisors who are Destination Wedding/Honeymoon specialists can help create dream destination weddings along with the wedding planner. Travel Advisors know the best time of the year to travel to specific destinations, can advise on the perfect resort depending on whether the guests will be all adults or if a more family friendly resort will need to be considered. Travel Advisors are familiar with the quality of the food and service at the resort, the distance between the guests traveling to the wedding and which accommodations are available to them. The couple’s budget, the estimated costs for guests, and the weeding venues available are also considered when selecting a location. Travel Advisors will advise on locations based on where the couple wants to get married, whether a cliff, gazebo or beach, and the regulations and policies for each location.

Travel agents can take the stress away from the bride by handling all of her guests travel inquiries, bookings and any last minute travel issues that may come up. This in turn will allow the bride to be stress free to enjoy her family, her soon-to-be husband and wedding planning.

By having the travel advisor take care of any travel distractions, the wedding planner can focus on the wedding planning with the couple because their attention will not be diverted by any guests or last minute travel emergencies that may come up. Working with a travel agent also helps the wedding planner and bride have a firm wedding guest count sooner as most travel packages will need to be paid in full 45-60 days before the event.

The wedding planner will have peace of mind knowing the travel advisor will take care of the couples and guests travel and the bride will not have to worry about everyone in the party.

In short, the Travel Advisor and Wedding Planner relationship can be that of a dream team. Click here for expert help with your destination wedding and honeymoon.


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