21 Reasons Why You Need Travel Insurance by Encore Destination Weddings and Honeymoons

Here are the Top 21 Reasons Why You Need Travel Insurance (even when you think you don’t) by Encore Destination Weddings and Honeymoons:

#21- Your brother’s Army unit is suddenly redeployed to help earthquake victims. Thanks to Leave Revocation coverage, you save your cancelled family vacation and attend his farewell party. You are both heroes.

#20- Your kids were cheering when snow cancelled school. Everyone is crying when school makeup dates conflict with your family visit to Europe. Your School Year Extension coverage means that a rebooking will dry the tears as you see more properties here for an alternative vacation to come.

#19- You celebrate your 50th birthday with a first parachute jump, and the memory lingers in a hospital visit to set your broken leg. The Sports Coverage option allows you medical coverage normally excluded for riskier adventure sports.

#18- It is no big shock when your sneaky Uncle Ernie is accused of stealing from his company. Trip Cancellation coverage solves your vacation conflict when the court subpoenas you as a character witness for a Perry Mason moment.
#17- You fell for the cute guy in the tiki bar last night who promised to email after your trip. Now your credit cards and license are missing from your bag. ID Theft Assistance helps you report the theft plus cancel and replace the cards.

#16- The boutique river cruise company, recommended by friends, goes bankrupt before your cruise can sail. Travel Supplier Bankruptcy coverage will save your cruise and possibly even your friendship.

#15- The boss brings you the good news and bad news. You are chosen to lead the new company merger. You are forced, however, to postpone your vacation. Your trip is protected thanks to the Cancel for Work Reasons option.

#14- A shark circles your boat during the whale-watching tour. In all the excitement, your wallet falls into the ocean. You wisely decide not to try to retrieve it and rely on Worldwide Emergency Travel Assistance to help replace the contents.#13- You cannot defend your Limbo Champion title at the Cruise Sailaway Party after your flight is diverted by storms. Missed Connection coverage repays your expenses to catch up to the Karaoke Contest at the first port of call.
#12- Your Trip Cancellation coverage takes over when your taxi driver heading to your departure airport displays his steering proficiency by broadsiding a police cruiser. A lengthy detour to police HQ forces you to cancel the trip.

#11-A rebel leader decides to forcibly transform your foreign hotel into his new Presidential palace. Political Evacuation services, arranged by our Assistance Company, covers your evacuation home and informs relatives and colleagues.

#10- You park your rental car one evening on a romantic beach you both think is deserted. You return to find someone has keyed a large heart shape in your car door. This can happen to people with car insurance (like that discussed here) or to those renting, as has happened to you. Thankfully, your Renters Collision Insurance covers the damage. If you need to know more about what your car insurance can do and cover in case this does happen, you can check here and rest assure that you are hopefully covered.
#9- Two weeks ago your boss said you were doing a great job. Yesterday, he gave you and 5 co-workers 90 minutes to clear your desks and leave the building. Job Loss Protection will reimburse your prepaid, non-refundable vacation.

#8- Your French poodle Gigi is stuck in a Chicago kennel while you are stuck in a Paris hospital. Gigi yelps at you on the phone as you tell her you’ll be home soon. Pet Care coverage will pay her boarding costs for a few more days.

#7- Your girlfriend said she loved you so you booked a Florida trip for two. But then she found a new boyfriend who took her to the South Pacific. With the Cancel for Any Reason option, you can re-book for the next Singles Cruise.

#6- You prepay for tickets to the last Rolling Stones concert ever to be played on a Caribbean Island. Your cruise skips the island due to a storm at sea, but the concert goes on. Itinerary Change coverage reimburses your concert tickets. If you pay for your concert tickets on your American express cash magnet card, you may also be able to get the tickets refunded due to unforeseen circumstances.

#5- Your tour includes a round of golf with the Ryder Cup team at St. Andrews, Scotland. Your clubs go missing in London Heathrow. The Sports Coverage option covers your emergency club rentals and you can keep your tee time.

#4-A Nor’easter cancels tonight’s airport flights. You curl up on a terminal bench eating pretzels as a taxi picks up co-passengers for their reimbursed dinner and overnight hotel room. They bought Trip Delay coverage…you didn’t.

#3-Will you be underdressed in shorts and a funky T-shirt at the luxury resort’s welcome dinner when your bag fails to arrive at the airport? Baggage Delay coverage helps you buy the perfect tropical sun dress in time for cocktails.

#2-A culinary adventure in rural China brings you serious gastric distress. The nearest health facility is linked to an animal hospital. But you are air-lifted to a modern Beijing hospital, then home under Medical Evacuation coverage.
#1- It is historic when Mt. Etna violently erupts at the start of your two-week Sicily trip but your History & Wine tour is evacuated. Trip Interruption pays for unused trip days plus expenses when the operator says “no” to refunds.

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