23 Weddings Around the World

Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant, a couple from Yorkshire, England, just celebrated their 23rd wedding ceremony…and they’re not finished yet. You might be wondering why? Well, as Lisa explains it on her blog called I do, I do, I do, in their search for the perfect place to get married, they wanted something truly unique and decided that they needed to experience these places first hand. (Plus, they love to travel.)

In July 2011, Lisa and Alex decided to sell their house and travel around the world in a 25-year-old camper they’ve named “Peggy.” They want to experience the way other cultures celebrate marriage and share those experiences with the rest of the world. To date, they’ve held 23 ceremonies in 15 different countries and are still on the search for the perfect place for a wedding. When they find it, they’ll have their “real” ceremony with friends and family present and finally make the whole thing legal.

Wedding #9 took place in Hollywood and our very own BWright Photography was there to capture the Halloween wedding. The photo (below) was featured on Shine from Yahoo in an article about the adventurous couple. Alex and Lisa dressed as vampires and were serenaded by rocker Marino De Silva, who played a spooky, vampish version of “The Wedding March.” Congratulations, Congratulations, Congratulations!

Photo by BWright Photography

bwright photography











Wedding #11 — Traditional Mayan wedding in Mexico performed by shamans.

Photo by Dean Sanderson

Wedding #20 — The Middle of the World Wedding at Mitad del Mundo in Ecuador

Photo by Pablo Hidalgo

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