5 Crucial Things You Must Discuss With Your Bridesmaids!

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Planning your wedding is a hectic time, and the bridesmaids will either be your biggest asset or a nightmare hindrance. Choosing the perfect dresses and shoes is probably one of the hardest parts – maybe you will be interested in a Convertible Bridesmaid Dress. Believe it not, in most situations, the outcome hinges on how you have treated your bridesmaids from the very beginning of your wedding journey.

If you are sure to make sure you communicate different aspects and areas of concerns to the best of your ability, you might find your bridesmaids are the sisters you always wish you had!

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Your Expectations

It is incredibly important for you to have a solid idea of what role you expect your bridesmaids to take in your wedding and planning, and even more so, letting them know!

Not being upfront or decisive about these things will likely put a strain on your relationship with them – no matter how long or strong it is! Many a bride has come back from her honeymoon with accusations of being an unreasonable bridezilla – in most cases, clear communication of expectations would have helped to avoid this.

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Their Availability

Another type of bride behavior that causes issues very swiftly is making assumptions on others’ time. Just because a bride has an idea of what her bridesmaids should do, does not mean each and every one of them has the time to do it!

Hen’s nights, shopping for bridesmaid dresses, dress fittings, and rehearsals are already very time-consuming activities – adding to them might be a bit much for some bridesmaids! It’s imperative to discuss events with bridesmaids before you assume they have time for them.

Take the hen party for example. Some people say that they class it as one of their last chances to have a wild night on the town before settling down into their new life. This is true (to an extent) and that’s why many brides-to-be like to make it as special as possible, whilst making sure that all of your bridesmaids there with you. Will you go to Las Vegas and put all of your new-found casino skills, that you worked on through applications like 888xe, to the test on the Strip, or will you opt for something more relaxing at a Hotel and Spa instead? Honestly, it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you make sure that everyone is available for this truly special occasion.

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Help Her Dress For Success

Some brides might be surprised to learn it is vital for their bridesmaids to look and feel comfortable in their bridesmaid dresses. Not all bridesmaids are going to be the same size or shape, so it is important to cater to this too. Whether you have to look into buying plus size bridesmaid dresses or one size fits all, making sure that they all feel comfortable in what they are wearing is key to having happy bridesmaids. Ugly or ill-fitting bridesmaid dresses not only make a bridesmaid look bad, but can also make you look petty, inconsiderate or even jealous.

Make sure your bridesmaid is given some input into the dress, for example, stick with the particular color you have in mind, but let her choose it in a design that makes her feel good. There are so many options available these days, whether your bridesmaids need petite or plus size bridesmaid dresses, there will be a size and design out there that makes her look and feel fantastic.


An issue with weddings that seems to be coming up more and more often is them costing a fortune for friends and family, especially for the bridal party. More often than not, this happens because the bride and groom assume they have a right to tell others what they should spend their hard-earned money on!

If you want to organize a girl’s weekend at a winery or Vegas, make sure you talk to each bridesmaid about it first. Not everyone can afford the cost of such extravagant parties, and they may be embarrassed about it so always nicely approach this.

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Last but not least, the most crucial aspect of communication is merely to listen. If your bridesmaid wants to discuss concerns with you, more often than not it’s because she cares. Take the time to hear her out and treat her with the same level of respect she gives you.

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