Branding Flowers by Cina

Many businesses are searching for a brand presence that complements their work and delivers the message they’re trying to send. As your company evolves, so should your brand. Melissa McGowan, owner of Flowers by Cina, recently wanted to rebrand her floral business to communicate to the world that they are a cutting edge floral design team capable of transforming any event or special occasion into something extraordinary that exceeds their client’s vision. Presentation is crucial in any business, but it’s particularly important in the special event industry; and today’s clients are sophisticated and will quickly leave a website that does not look professional. Moreover, almost wherever you read about digital marketing, you’ll see that there is emphasis on website presentation, responsiveness, and design (along with a host of other techniques, of course). We all know that first impressions are very important, so why would you allow your website and brand to leave a poor first impression with a possible new client? New branding done right equals new clients!

flowers by cina logo

It All Begins with a Logo
Your logo is your signature on your website, your printed material and almost everything you do. It will be with you for years to come and should reflect your style, personality and brand. We started by redesigning the Flowers by Cina logo and giving it a more modern and professional look and feel. A color palette of various shades of grape, beige and silver was established, fonts were chosen and we were on our way!

Then, we created some supporting graphics to add to the website and printed materials, like the pattern you see in the graphic below of Flowers by Cina‘s home page.

flowers by cina website home page

Showing Off Your Work: Why a Professional Portfolio is Key
If your business includes creating a beautiful product, like a bridal bouquet, part of your job is to show off what you can do for your clients. A mini portfolio, or slide show on your home page is a great way to immediately show off your best work and get your website visitors interested in seeing more. Then give them the option to go further into your site and see more of what they love on the homepage by directing them to your portfolio. In this case, visitors can click on FLORAL DESIGN to see detailed shots by professional photographers of Melissa’s best work.

flowers by cina floral design

We Want Real Weddings!
Brides spend countless hours looking at real weddings and doing research for their big day. If weddings are a part of your business, it’s important to show your brides (and grooms) the real weddings you’ve worked on and helped to make gorgeous. The Flowers by Cina website features nine beautiful weddings, broken down into three categories: Bouquets & Boutonnieres, Ceremony and Reception.

flowers by cina real wedding

The Blog
If you still don’t know why it’s important to have a blog, we’ll give you two very good reasons:

#1 SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Blogging is a great way to get you to the first page of Google and get your business noticed by more people. Perhaps, consulting before starting a blog for your business would be a wise idea. If you’re consistent about blogging content, your web traffic could increase by 50% or more; and more traffic translates into more clients. For more help on SEO (and for things like free SEO tools you can use) check out Ventsmagazine.

#2 Fresh Content – People want to see what you’ve been working on lately and they want to know what’s trending right now. This feeds back into the Importance of SEO 2021 has highlighted too, as an extra benefit. Position yourself as a trend setter and expert in the industry and people will come back to your blog consistently for inspiration, ideas and maybe even to design their next event.

Melissa decided on the name Blooms and Baubles for her blog, which is a combination of real weddings, events and inspirational ideas relating to floral design.

blooms and baubles blog

Online Store
If you have a product to sell, it’s important to have that product available online if possible. Flowers by Cina features a beautiful and easy-to-use online store to make shopping easier and to increase sales for Melissa.

flowers by cina online store

By Rayce Public Relations and Social Media Marketing
(A Luxury Wedding and Special Events PR and Marketing Firm)

We believe in creative marketing and new business development with
a foundation deeply rooted in consistency. Great ideas mean little without
organized implementation and follow through. At Rayce PR and Marketing
we create, implement and succeed!

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A Luxury Wedding and Special Events PR and Marketing Firm. We believe in creative marketing and new business development with a foundation deeply rooted in consistency. Great ideas mean little without organized implementation and follow through. At Rayce PR and Marketing we create, implement and succeed! #LuxuryWeddingPR #VenueMarketing #WeddingFloristMarketing #WeddingMarketingAgency