Sahar Pazirandeh Featured Speaker at the F Word Event July 29th

The F Word Event is an event that creates a space where women can come and listen to a group of inspirational women in the community tell stories of triumph, success, confidence and growth with one major theme…no apologies! Buy tickets here for Tuesday July 29th in Culver City at DataPop. Featured Speakers: Sahar Pazirandeh – […]

Sahar Paz’s #SummerSOULstice 30-day challenge

The Summer Solstice celebrates the joy, warmth and laughter of summer; and God’s power. The beginning of summer represents a time for purification, renewal and healing of the self & soul, a time to release the sadness, fears and pains from your life. A time for purification and renewed energy. Saturday, June 21st is the longest […]

Sahar Pazirandeh Featured on Cafe Truth

As published in Cafe Truth 3 STEPS TO A BELIEVABLE AFFIRMATION   “I’m good enough. I’m smart enough. And doggonit people like me,” Stuart Smalley’s affirmations on SNL are a guaranteed chuckle. One, because he is just funny, two, because we can all relate to speaking a positive sentence to ourselves at some point or […]