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We at Rayce PR and Marketing LOVE Two Bright Lights! It is such a great tool to get our clients published in a variety of print publications and blogs

These days, being published has become increasingly important. Engaged couples look to see if wedding professionals have been published to gain a sense of trust. Having a site or social media, like Instagram, to share your photos on is great for showcasing your work, and you can get instagram followers for free through various companies to boost your visibility, but being published gives you a ‘stamp of approval’ by the wedding industry. And, as the adage goes, getting a feature in a magazine or on a well established blog is free publicity. With platforms such as Two Bright Lights, getting published has never been easier.

Getting published helps you and the vendors that worked with you on your event get noticed which leads to stronger relationships within the industry and ultimately to more referrals as well! It is a great investment of your time to get your work noticed and nobody makes it easier then Two Bright Lights!

The Two Bright Lights Philosophy:

At Two Bright Lights, we are committed to preserving the security of your work and helping you to promote your business. We have built our company upon these principles in order to provide the best service possible to our members.

Submitting your events is a breeze. Just follow the steps below:

Three easy steps to fabulous features

Step one

Using our rapid uploader, photographers upload up to 150 high-resolution images, identify and share with associated vendors, and include details the album. When the album is submitted, editors have all of the necessary information, which makes it easy for editors to feature your submission. The result? Your likelihood of being featured skyrockets.

Step two

Next, you select which magazine or Blog they want to submit to. We have hundreds of top magazines and blogs from all over the world as editorial partners and we are adding more all the time.

Step three

Editors are notified of the submission via email, and can log on and view your images. If the editor loves the album, they click accept and voila! The album will be featured. Editors can also download all of the high-resolution images in a zip file. No need to send the files again!

If your submission doesn’t get picked up right away don’t worry…..

You can resubmit an album to another publication with our simple rollover submit feature. The new publication is not notified that your album was previously submitted and there is no limit to the number of times an album can be re-submitted. With those odds, we bet most of your albums will be published. And that is just plain good for business.

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