Kennedy Blue Black Friday Sale

Kennedy Blue Announces Best Sale of the Year for Black Friday Available Online and In-Store at Wedding Shoppe, Inc.

Black Friday Sale on Kennedy Blue's website: $99 Bridesmaid Dresses

Kennedy Blue will be offering multiple discounts on their dresses and tuxedo rentals during the week of Black Friday. The sale will go from Nov. 17 to 26 both online and in-store at a St. Paul, Minn. local bridal boutique, Wedding Shoppe, Inc. Discounts will include up to 40 percent off bridal gowns, up to 30 percent off veils, bridesmaids dresses for only $99, and $60 off all suit and tuxedo rentals with free rentals for grooms. The sale officially starts on Black Friday, with early access beginning on Nov. 17 for those who sign up for the latest deals. Customers can sign up through Kennedy Blue and Wedding Shoppe, Inc on the company websites.

“With Black Friday coming up, we are excited to announce some of the best deals on dresses that we have ever had.” – Jimmy Fritz, CEO of Kennedy Blue and Wedding Shoppe, Inc.

Best selling items that will be available during the sale include the Allison bridesmaid dress,Mackenzie bridesmaid dress, Thea bridesmaid dress, and more!

With Black Friday coming up, we are excited to announce some of the best deals on dresses that we have ever had.



Kennedy Blue is unique in the wedding gown industry because they offer an at home try-on service that allows bridesmaids to try-on bridesmaid dresses from the comfort of their own home. This helps to take the stress off of a bride during what should be one of the most enjoyable parts of wedding planning. See more on the At Home Try On Process here. Kennedy Blue also sells fabric swatches from the dresses available for color and fabric comparisons to allow brides to make the best decisions for their gowns. Black Friday is a great time to purchase from Kennedy Blue and Wedding Shoppe, Inc. because the prices have never been better. For those shopping online during the Black Friday sale, free shipping is available through the end of November to make the process even easier.

About Kennedy Blue:

Most of the wedding industry hasn’t changed in decades, leading to over-priced products and frustration for millions of couples. You may have experienced some of these frustrations yourself: Bridal shops not providing prices or reliable designer information, not allowing you to take photos until you buy, only carrying samples in one size and color, and suggesting sizes much larger than what you’re used to. What a way to boost self-esteem on the biggest day of your life, right? Why is most of the wedding industry like this? It’s simple: Almost all designers and retailers are stuck in the past and inefficient. What’s worse, all of these inefficiencies and crazy policies end up driving dress prices way up. And if you happen to find a good deal, you’re more than likely going to sacrifice quality and service. That’s where Kennedy Blue comes in. Kennedy Blue was created to provide an alternative. They follow 2 basic philosophies: They only sell their products on their website and through trusted retailers who share their vision. All Kennedy Blue products are designed in-house with the help of customer feedback. By following these 2 simple philosophies, they’re able to provide high-quality designer dresses at reasonable prices. Kennedy Blue has also made the shopping experience easier with their At Home Try-On program. This service allows consumers to choose one or more bridesmaid dresses in their desired size and color, have them shipped to their home, try them on for style and fit, and order their favorites for the entire wedding party. See Kennedy Blue’s vision in action by visiting their exclusive retailer the Wedding Shoppe in Saint Paul, Minnesota. There, Kennedy Blue dresses are available in almost every size and color, allowing bridesmaids to toss out the tape measure and try their favorite styles on for themselves. Wedding shopping doesn’t need to be complicated. Customer Feedback + Creative Thinking = Great Dresses at Affordable Prices!

Wedding Shoppe, Inc.:

The Wedding Shoppe has been a family-owned business since opening in 1977. Their designers are a part of their family, and these strong relationships give consumers exclusive access to top styles for the lowest prices. If you’re looking for a personalized, simple, and memorable experience, start shopping online or in-store today. If you’re a bride on a budget with an eye for style, find “exactly what you’ve been looking for” for the best price at the Wedding Shoppe. Bonus: Since they are a Minnesota retailer, there’s no sales tax on any of their attire, in-store or online.

Bridesmaid Dresses: Kennedy Blue | Media Placement: Rayce PR

Kennedy Blue is a designer line of bridal gowns, wear-again bridesmaid dresses, and men’s neckties. With an online presence and their dresses in The Wedding Shoppe, Inc., they have a solid following of Brides-to-be.

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