Our Very Own Cean Orrett and Gareth Edmundson-Jones are Tying the Knot in NYC

We are beyond thrilled for our client Cean Orrett of Cean One Photography and his fiancee Gareth Edmundson-Jones! They are going to be getting married this Sunday April1, 2012 in New York City at the Dream Downtown! These two are so in love and just glow when they speak of each other.

Cean and Gareth met online on a dating website in the spring of 2010. They both traveled quite a bit for work so they casually dated for the next few months. They both decided that they would like to ring in 2011 together and that is when the sparks really flew. From then on they were inseparable. From there they went to Puerto Rico together for Valentines day and that sealed the deal. They realized they had done it! They fell in love! The trip was a magical experience for both of them and the subject of marriage came up. Cean would joke that he didn’t see a white horse anywhere (since that was what a prince should ride in on when sweeping someone off of their feet, right)? So a bit of time passed and the two of them traveled to New York together in July of 2011. Cean was surprised to have Gareth propose to him and after he accepted Gareth told Cean to look behind him and there it was The White Horse Tavern. So sweet! He got his man and his white horse. We look forward to sharing this wedding experience with them! Congratulations Cean and Gareth!!!!

Front of The Dream Downtown

View from the Dream Downtown

Front of White Horse Tavern



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