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Project Description

Bliss Events

With a passion for creativity and a passion for event planning, Bonnie Chase has created Events by Bliss to assist in Planning and Design for your wedding.She started her company in Cabo San Lucas from the locations popularity as one of the top places for destination weddings. In the recent years, her success has brought her to plan weddings in the U.S and other parts of Mexico, while hoping to continue to expand and help brides-to-be in other parts of the world.

Working with Events By Bliss allows Rayce PR the opportunity to promote the client’s detailed and beautiful work in a visually appealling and captivating way. Social Media goals include: – Growth from target client base – Networking with local and internaltional industry partners – Curation of an accurate portfolio of work

Rayce PR creates and distributes Quarterly business updates for Events by Bliss utilizing MailChimp. Updates include Recent Press, Business Announcements, and Website content updates such as blogs and galleries. Each Newsletter is crafted to perfectly fit within Events by Bliss’ brand and design to ensure authentic communication with their following.


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