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Project Description

Brian Leahy Photography

Brian Leahy is a laid back California guy with a passion for people and travel.  His philosophy is simple: every great photo starts with a connection – a connection with the couple, with their loved ones, and with the beauty of their location.  His outgoing nature, relaxed style and knack for capturing candid moments has made him one of the most sought after photographers for local events in California and for destination weddings around the world.

Over the years Brian Leahy Photography has become one of the most sought after lifestyle and wedding photographer throughout Southern California and beyond.  Brian travels the globe to get that perfect shot, whether he be photographing a styled shoot, a wedding designers new line or an industry event, he makes it an experience he can capture through his lens. Brian is known for his passion for people and travel, and Rayce PR is honored to stand by his side through photography promotion, media submissions and speaking opportunities.

  • Rayce PR provides numerous styled shoot and networking event opportunities for Brian Leahy.
  • Rayce PR submits Brian Leahy Photography’s wedding and event galleries and designs for media submissions.
  • Rayce PR continues to participate and support Brian Leahy throughout wedding, event and industry functions.

As both a local and destination wedding and lifestyle photographer, Brian Leahy has some of the most beautiful and unique photos, and Rayce PR promotes those shots through Brian Leahy Photography’s social media. Our team posts Brian’s content to his Instagram, Twitter and Google Plus, and share all BLP stories.

  • Rayce PR successfully promotes online and print press features as well as stories through all Brian Leahy Photography social media platforms.
  • Rayce PR curates Brian Leahy Photography’s beautiful social media feed.
  • Rayce PR regularly updates Brian Leahy Photography’s branded social media platforms.

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