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Project Description

Chameleon Chair Collection

Chameleon Chairs feature a plush cushion, ergonomic design, and versatility providing optimal guest seating for every occasion. With its unique and elegant silhouette, it is easily recognized and coveted by today’s foremost designers, event planners, and venues.

Chameleon Chair Collection

12823 S. Figueroa St.
Los Angeles, CA 90061

2-3 photos are posted to the Chameleon Chair Collection’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus each day. Wedding photos are regularly pinned to relevant Chameleon Chair Collection Pinterest boards and all published website stories and press URL’s are posted onto the company’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • Rayce PR promotes Chameleon Chair Collection press, website stories, and speaking engagements onto all social media platforms.



Our team updates Chameleon Chair Collection website with a new blog each week featuring new galleries from the various events they are involved in.



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