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Kennedy Blue

Kennedy Blue is a designer line of bridal gowns, wear-again bridesmaid dresses, and men’s neckties. With an online presence and their dresses in The Wedding Shoppe, Inc., they have a solid following of Brides-to-be.

As Kennedy Blue continues to book appointments in store, we are assisting with growing their social presence by communicating Kennedy Blue’s core values through social media platforms and email marketing. As their 40th anniversary approaches in Summer ‘17, Rayce PR will be producing an extravagant event to celebrate all that they have accomplished thus far. We will be working with Wedding Shoppe, Inc. and Kennedy Blue as we collaborate on a Brand Ambassador Program.

  • Rayce PR is assisting with the announcement of the newest product launches within e-commerce and in-store at Wedding Shoppe, Inc.
  • We’re continuously growing Kennedy Blue’s brand awareness within the wedding industry and online community.
  • Rayce PR’s has rolled out diligent pitching strategy about the innovative business model and offerings of Kennedy Blue to gain a bigger following of the brand.


Kennedy Blue partners with Slashed Beauty in an at-home try on with Kennedy Blue bridesmaids dresses. Slashed Beauty Founder Miranda Mendoza, who is planning for her wedding, chose Kennedy Blue for her bridesmaids dresses and reviews the reasons for her selection in this feature.

325 Randolph Ave
Saint Paul, Minnesota
(844) 294-7199

Rayce PR works closely with Kennedy Blue to carefully curate their social media platforms. We post and manage content onto all of the company’s social media channels, including their Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, and LinkedIn.

  • Rayce PR has implemented a social strategy for Kennedy Blue to utilize user generated content to maximize engagement which is building brand loyalty and returning customers.
  • Rayce PR is involved in Kennedy Blue’s social media engagement on all social media platforms.
  • Kenned Blue’s branded platforms are all regularly updated and curated.

Rayce PR designs and manages monthly newsletters for Kennedy Blue, showcasing the latest product launches, promotions, and press. Branded with Kennedy Blue’s colors and designs, the newsletter reaches a growing number of subscribers and industry professionals.



Our Graphics team has worked with Kennedy Blue to create their 2017 Spring Lookbook that is both beautifully designed and branded. 

click image to view book


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