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Project Description

Levine Fox Events

Levine Fox Events is known for creating creative, versatile, incredibly detailed events. Whether it is an intimate wedding for 12 or a lavish grand opening with celebrity entertainers, they make sure each client receives a high level of personalized service and the Levine Fox “magic” creates a dream event.

Through our promotion of Levine Fox’s press and past timeless events, we have grown Levine Fox’s brand and industry recognition. We promote all press across their social media platforms. We are proud to work alongside Levine Fox Events and share their incredible detailed events with the world.

With our help, Levine Fox events has seen major growth and engagement on otherwise stagnant accounts. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest have all positively benefitted from our work. Working closely with Levine Fox, Rayce PR selectively curates a beautiful feed promoting weekly blogs and events.

Rayce PR creates and distributes Quarterly business updates for Levine Fox Events.


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