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Project Description

The Lighter Side

The Lighter Side designs and creates lighting installations for special events such as weddings, private parties, special occasions, corporate functions, fundraisers, entertainment industry affairs, both domestically and internationally. Having the model of an importance on personal service, attention to detail and modern elegance, The Lighter Side has been able to distinguish themselves from the competitors resulting in great success. With a team of professionals and experts under the wing of WOVA- World of Video and Audio- They work closely with their consumers from the initial contact until the conclusion of your event. Their unique designs add layers, texture, ambiance to each event. The Lighter Side brings your vision to light.

The Lighter Side has made its mark on the wedding and event industry throughout Los Angeles and surrounding Southern California areas.  As The Lighter Side brings your vision to light, Rayce PR promotes and publicizes each wedding, event and industry-related event washed in The Lighter Side’s layers, texture, ambiance and allure.  From media submittals to promotions, Rayce PR works alongside TLS to promote an industry renowned event lighting company.

  • Rayce PR provides numerous styled shoot and networking event opportunities for The Lighter Side.
  • Rayce PR submits The Lighter Side’s wedding and event galleries for media submissions.
  • Rayce PR continues to participate and support The Lighter Side through wedding, event and industry functions.

2-3 times per day Rayce PR posts gorgeous TLS content onto the company’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter channels. We also pin all wedding and event content onto The Lighter Side’s Pinterest boards.

  • Rayce PR successfully promotes online and print press features as well as stories through The Lighter Side’s social media platforms.
  • Rayce PR consciously curates The Lighter Side’s beautiful social media feed.
  • Rayce PR regularly updates and curates The Lighter Sides branded social media platforms.

Whether it be a monthly recap or a company/industry announcement, Rayce PR writes and sends out newsletters on behalf of The Lighters Side to over 3,000 recipients throughout the industry. These newsletters include weddings, social events, new products and press.


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