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Project Description

Luxe Linen

Established in 2007, LUXE Linen has emerged as a trusted leader in Fine Linen Rental in Southern California. They offer the highest quality of linens, napkins, overlays and accessories to suit every social or corporate event you can imagine. Bring your creativity, and LUXE Linen will enhance your decor to bring style to your table. Choose from table linens, napkins, chairs and chair covers and even custom pillows for your lounges.Their clientele ranges from wedding and special event producers, floral designers, hotels and private venues, as well as couples planning their very special day.

Through numerous styled shoots, industry functions, and press features, LUXE Linen has become a renowned name in the wedding industry. Working with LUXE Linen, we created the LUXE Launch, one of the wedding and event industry’s most anticipated events. The LUXE Launch serves as a trend setting, networking function of the industry’s top planners and designers.

  • Assisted with the rebrand from Designer Specialty Linens to LUXE Linen.
  • We are in the fourth year of the LUXE Launch where we work on the event from beginning to end.
  • Media placement of LUXE Linen’s beautiful wedding and event designs for media submission and industry awards.

259 S. Robertson
Blvd Beverly Hills, CA 90211

After the rebrand from Designer Speciality Linen, LUXE Linen has had a huge growth in their social media accounts.

  • Instagram account from – 600 followers in June 2014 to 50,000 followers in January 2017.
  • LUXE Linen receives over 25 tagged photos a day on Instagram.
  • Facebook account – from 500 followers in June 2014 to 3,500 followers in January 2017.

We design and manage the release of quarterly newsletters for LUXE Linen. We have curated a list of 2,000 leaders in the wedding + event industry – ranging from wedding planners, venue managers, floral designers, production companies and more.

The newsletters spotlight a current event, recent press, and always contain social media links for easy access. They are beautifully branded with LUXE Linen’s colors and design.



Our Web Design team worked with LUXE Linen to create a website that is both beautifully designed and easily navigable. This new website was part of LUXE Linen’s rebrand from Designer Specialty Linens. We update the website’s cover photo frequently to keep the page fresh and attractive to clients.

Photoshoot and Product Updates

The collection page we created for this is perfect for client access. It’s the first place clients and wedding planners look at when they want to choose their linen. We’ve provided all images with the fabric name and size that they come in, so planners have all the information when they reach out to the LUXE Linen showrooms and sales team.

Our team coordinates a photoshoot every year for the new collection. Our Website team is responsible for securing all images and working with the client to categorize them on the website.

Content Management

In addition to all website maintenance, Rayce PR writes weekly stories for LUXE Linen. Content categories include weddings, styled shoots, special events, press and industry happenings. All content is promoted first on Instagram and then Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn.


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