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Project Description

Scout Mandolin

Scout Mandolin is a luxury brand that makes custom one of a kind engagement rings, wedding bands and fine jewelry. Using their innovative custom design process and decades of experience, they collaborate, design and create to help their clients capture the essence of their one true love.

Founder, Julie Simpson, transforms the way custom engagement rings and jewelry are created with Scout Mandolin, where her bespoke design process captures the art of love. They take the guess-work out of the process by giving he or she a platform to say what they want, while preserving the element of surprise.

Scout Mandolin is intentionally evocative of past, present and future. ‘Scout’ is the soft, precise search for love manifest in design – the search for who he or she is and what makes him or her unique. ‘Mandolin’ is the allegorical essence of the sweet country melodies that captured Julie’s imagination as a girl growing up in the south.

Through the promotion of their press and submissions, we have grown Scout Mandolin’s brand and industry recognition.

  • We collaborate on at least four styled shoots a year.
  • We continue to participate and be involved in wedding industry functions.
  • We constantly submit Scout Mandolin’s beautiful work for media submission and industry awards.
  • We promote all press Scout Mandolin receives across their social media platforms and through their quarterly newsletters.

Scout Mandolin
861 Sixth Avenue #311
San Diego, CA 92101


Since our start with Scout Mandolin in May 2017, we have seen significant growth across of their social media accounts resulting in increased business and participation in styled shoots and industry events.

  • Doubled their Instagram following in 6 months.
  • Started a Twitter account from scratch with now over 500 followers in 6 months.
  • Rayce PR promotes all press and weekly stories through beautifully curated content management across all of their social media platforms.

We started the Scout Mandolin brand with strong quarterly newsletters we design and manage. We curated a list of 2,000 leaders in the wedding + event industry in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego– ranging from wedding planners, venue managers, floral designers, production companies and more. The newsletters spotlight a current event, recent press, and always contain social media links for easy access.



Our Web Design team worked closely with Scout Mandolin to create a revamped new website where users can easily navigate the various collections and weekly blogs while simultaneously being visually pleased and educated on diamonds and wedding rings.

Gallery and Product Updates

Our Web Design Team continuously updates Scout Mandolin’s website with fresh copy, new galleries, and new additions to their expanding collections.

Content Management

In addition to website maintenance, we update Scout Mandolin’s website weekly. Blog story categories include weddings, styled shoots, expert ring advice and more. All stories are promoted and shared across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn, with cross promotion through Rayce PR.

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