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DoWhatMattersToYou“I’m good enough. I’m smart enough. And doggonit people like me,” Stuart Smalley’s affirmations on SNL are a guaranteed chuckle. One, because he is just funny, two, because we can all relate to speaking a positive sentence to ourselves at some point or another.

An encouraging vocabulary – a believable affirmation – is no laughing matter though.

Permission and validation are feelings naturally desired by humans, but relying on an outside source for it will always keep you in search of more. Why invest your energy and emotions in something so volatile. Be that stable resource for yourself by keeping it real.

Affirmations are no use if you are saying them aloud then rebuttling them in your head. When you try a positive lingo with yourself does it sound anything like this…

Verbal affirmation: I am on my path, exactly where I need to be right now.
Internal response: Thanks to all my bad luck, I couldn’t be anywhere else anyway.

Verbal affirmation: I am beautiful in my skin.
Internal response: sigh, once I lose some weight and have longer hair, maybe I’ll be pretty.

Verbal affirmation: I will figure out financial freedom.
Internal response: yeah right, that’s just for rich people, I’m never going to make that kind of money anyway.

Of course, if you really thought about it and put your mind to it, you could in fact make the amount of money you’re wishing to. This could be done in many ways such as finding a different job that pays better, saving various expenses, or even look at how you ohne Account Bitcoin kaufen or other potentially risky ventures that could also have massive returns. With the right steps, that rich person could be you.

The first step to amping yourself up for change is self talk, whether in your head our aloud. It does take a bit of fake it til you make it, verbalizing the life you want will be the hardest on your own ears.

Fine-tune your affirmation so it sings to you, rather than irritates you. Here is a simple equation.


Think of it as a vocabulary vitamin, a mix of good stuff that doesn’t always taste good.

+ GOAL: I am of value at work and want to make more money.
– REACTION: Yik, I don’t even want to think about talking to my manager.
+ FACT: I’m going to write down all the projects I rocked this year. I’m going to research average pay for my position and in my industry. Then I’ll figure out the next step.


There is nothing short about getting to your dreams, but once you get into the groove it is all sweet. So don’t worry about summing up your affirmation into one sentence. Figure out a realistic self talk that you will believe and build on. Here are the steps broken down:

1. State your overall goal.
2. Take note of your automatic reaction.
3. State a facts, what skills do you already have and what your next step should be.

What is your next goal and what is stopping you?

About the Author

DSC_2207Communication Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Author and Fashionlanthropist, Sahar Pazirandeh, has spent years helping people gain confidence and adopt a new positive vocabulary. Her credit-earning fashion programs through Free Your Star Foundation ,which she founded, offer participants to experience positions relevant to the business side of the fashion industry. Often refereed to as her “bait,” Sahar utilizes her experience in fashion to teach urban youth business fundamentals. The success of her students who were empowered to graduate, get jobs, and lead better lives, inspired Sahar to coach adults as well.
Her newest venture is Find Your Voice. A nine week program that simplifies the never-ending-request of just wanting to be healthy and happy in life. Find Your Voice clients become more aware of the one thing we all have in common, words. Through specific exercises, face-to-face time, and yoga, each client is guided to find, speak, and live from the place where their personality and soul intersect. Letting go of the words, messages and stories that created an unsatisfying existence.



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