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Focus on what you do best, your work, and we’ll take care of promoting it.

Our public relations and marketing services are customized for every client’s specific needs. We start out by analyzing your unique target market + industry, so that we can determine progressive solutions to benefit your social media presence.

At Rayce PR and Marketing, our goal is to drive brand value through comprehensive overall strategy that is tailored specifically to gain your brand heightened awareness and credibility.

Elevate your brand.

Business Consulting + Marketing

Our expert consultants research and curate your company’s best growth strategy. From campaign management, social media implementation, public relations, design, and brand management, we utilize and manage the best tools for your brand. Our marketing plans are targeted, unique, and increase brand value. We analyze short-term and long-term goals and create a specific plan of action that is followed thoroughly.

Public Relations

Your exciting news, launches, events, and projects should be shared with the world. We curate and brand your press release and pitches, to get your story in the hands of the right industry contacts. Our public relations services continue with promotion on all platforms, follow-up of these pitches, and feature blogging.

Social Media Management

Growing your social media platforms takes daily execution and planning to elevate and reflect your brand. It also takes time- time you probably don’t have as a small business owner or entrepreneur. We do the heavy lifting and help you get the results you want on social media through feed curation, daily engagement and a personalized strategy for success.

Each of our client’s receive targeted social media community management in a personal and authentic way. Our social media management team makes sure your social platforms are active, engaging, and up to date. Your brand should always be communicating and engaging with your industry and market, and distributing valuable and relevant content.

Additional Services

Market Expansion + Brand Development

Looking to expand your brand or get involved in a different market? From designing a message that will resonate with your target audience to understanding the key drivers that lead to brand loyalty, we will put you in a better position to be competitive and grow in the market.
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Content Writing

Expert Speaker Proposal Management + Media Kits

Our relationship with media outlets and top industry leaders gives us the platform to provide expert speaker proposals to industry conventions, retreats, workshops, and more. Our expert speakers have shared their talents and knowledge worldwide, and are leading experts in the industry. Do you have knowledge you want to share with your industry? We’ll help you get the word out.

Visual Media + Graphic Design

Our in-house graphic designers work with you to create any design materials your brand and business desires. Our services include but not limited to graphically designed Instagram stories, reels and static posts, as well as logos, website content and photography. Our visual content creation represents your brand in a beautiful and effective way.

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