TSE 2017 Michael Cerbelli’s Hot List

TSE 2017 Michael Cerbelli's Hot List

The last day of  The Special Event jump started with TSE 2017 Michael Cerbelli’s Hot List.The excitement and suspense was building up all week with buzz around the convention. Michael Cerbelli didn’t dissappoint.

As you walked into the Grand Ballroom at the Long Beach Convention Center, the StarLight Orchestra welcomed the audience. Soon after the musical welcoming, Michael Cerbelli’s introduction was like no other. The Beastie Boys world-renowned song, “No Sleep ‘til Brooklyn” filled the air with the audience singing and dancing along.

Michael Cerbelli is a dear friend of the Rayce PR team and it was great being able to attend and support  his 16th Anniversary of the Hot List. Being a marketing and public relations firm, we thoroughly enjoyed his tips and tricks that he shared throughout his event.
From live performances of singers, dancers, and even skaters to hearing about the latest in technology used in the event industry… Michael Cerbelli wowed the audience once again! It was an informative, inspiring, and exhilarating experience that we would recommend to anyone!

TSE 2017 Michael Cerbelli's Hot List TSE 2017 Michael Cerbelli's Hot List - Gentri TSE 2017 Michael Cerbelli's Hot List - Skaters TSE 2017 Michael Cerbelli's Hot List - DJ's  TSE 2017 Michael Cerbelli's Hot List - Face MoldingTSE 2017 Michael Cerbelli's Hot List - Finished Face Mold Project

About Michael Cerbelli

Michael Cerbelli is the very definition of international events. For over 39 years, Michael has done more than change the paradigm of prestigious happenings – Michael has become the paradigm. 

If you have been one of the fortunate invitees to a Cerbelli creation, you know who he is. But more importantly, you have experienced first-hand Michael’s breathtaking creativity and mad technical expertise. His success is the result of more than just his mind-blowing concepts, it’s also because his events go off with a military – yet transparent – precision. Though a fixture in the New York City events scene, Michael’s influence is worldwide; from the Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, to a birthday party for the King of Morocco, to a signature event at the palace of Catherine the Great in St. Petersburg, Russia, Cerbelli Creative’s events are legendary. 

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