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It is our pleasure to share with you one of our newest clients, Bogdan Condor Photography. Bogdan, CEO and Head Photographer at Bogdan Condor Photography, is a wedding and portrait photographer based in the Bay Area, California. His work is not about Photoshop manipulation. His belief is that images are not defined by some fading trend. He brings an expert’s understanding of lighting and composition to his work. One of Bogdan’s qualities, that helps him stand out amongst his competition is his ability of putting his subjects at ease in front of the camera. He likes to keep his photography as close to reality as possible with a goal to capture the essence of who his subject is naturally. As a wedding photographer today, Bogdan does a magnificent job of creating beautiful imagery with an organic setting within his shots. The energy he gives for each and every event is spent on anticipating and reacting to real moments in time. He has found that it is best to wait for the moment and capture the essence of what is happening in current time than to make the moment as it doesn’t reflect an organic or natural aesthetic. His clients are connected by a love of great photography and an understanding of its importance in their lives. The words that best describe Bogdan’s images are light, texture, dimension, mood, composition, anticipation, passion, emotion, energy and romance. Check out some of his images below…




You can see a full portfolio on his website. Lastly, he’d love to connect with you and discuss the opportunity of being your photographer for your wedding and/or upcoming event. You can contact him by clicking here.

Photography: Bogdan Condor Photography

Bogdan Condor Photography
Bogdan Condor Photography is wedding and portrait photographer based in the Bay Area, California.

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