WIPA Presents “The New Era of Decision-Making: A Stronger Connection Between Mind & Body”


Each month WIPA brings wedding industry professionals an educational presentations. This month we touched on the mind, body and spirit as a means to grow your business. Speaker, Joan Moran presented ways to improve leadership practices by empowering staff. She will also touched upon the concepts of maximizing your human potential and increasing passion fulfillment.

How do you become a powerful decision-maker that is able to handle the stresses that life has to offer? The answer is simple: a strong mind/body connection.

Our success and happiness meter never truly reaches full steam unless we maximize our potential. In order to do so and truly relish in the possibilities, we have to have a solid foundation for decision-making.

Acknowledging your inner voice not only will bridge the mind/body gap but it will also enhance personal and professional success. This connection is an essential transitional step that improves self-worth and confidence and will platform you into a new and enlightened era of decision-making.

Being equipped with self-awareness leads to focused energy, enthusiasm and the ability to openly listen to and empower others. These core leadership qualities translate into an aptitude to inspire innovation, growth and success in business.

THE PROBLEM: We build up a resistance to change. This includes even the fundamentals of how we make decisions. Having this friction inhibits us from effectively achieving our highest potential and leading others to greatness.

THE SOLUTION: Incorporating daily essential mind fuel tools that enable fluid thought between the mind and body. By practicing these tools and sharing these advancements with others, true leaders are born.


Joan’s signature headstand is not the only thing that leaves audiences in awe. As a highly beloved keynote speaker, she commands the stage with her delightful humor, raw energy, and wealth of life experience. From national conferences, health and wellness centers, industry expos, to senior citizen events, her heart-pulling stories range from Second Chances to The Importance of Bucket Lists. Offering an innovative platform to change mental habits, Joan’s Mind Fuel™: Essential Toolkit for Life Renewal presents daily techniques for optimal wellness that brilliantly ripple through one’s life. Providing stepping stones for lasting change, Joan is taking personal fulfillment to a new level by empowering employees, business leaders and fellow boomers nationwide.

Joan has no idea what the word retirement means. Babybooming to a whole new beat: nothing is stopping this grandmother of five. She is a firecracker exploding with the potential of now. A lifelong learner with an unrelenting curiosity, Joan started teaching yoga at 60 and unlocked the key to cultivating daily happiness. Holding two masters (Education and Theater) and with over 25 years experience in Theater, Joan effortlessly teaches the dual wisdom of creativity and work/life balance. Tenacious with a bold flair, Joan has already left some impressive footprints. From pioneering and launching the 1st professional year-round theater in Las Vegas to being awarded the Governor’s Award for Outstanding Contribution to Theater in Nevada, this age defying go-getter has no limits.



Past and present board members celebrated the 5th anniversary of WIPA.






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